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In life it is necessary to have a group of professionals you can count on. Chief on this list has to be a plumber. There are few things more terrifying than discovering that you have a leak, whether water or gas, and do not know who to call or even more scary-who to trust.

I have been fortunate enough to experience both of these problems. Last year our hot water heater went out and decided to spill its contents "Seppuku" style all over our garage floor. My wife and I were getting ready to travel abroad so we had little time and sanity left for this kind of nonsense.

Luckily, a friend told me about Chris at ATX Plumbing. He was super friendly, knowledgeable, sincere, but with a great sense of humor. He was able to swing by at a time that was very fast, and convenient, and made short work of our old hot water heater. He even disposed of the old one for me! How cool it that? I did not have to be the guy with a huge tank in front of my house until trash day.

This year I got to experience what a gas leak was all about F.U.N. (Just kidding, it really was lame). We came home from work to smell our house was full of gas. After calling out the gas company and determining the leak was from around the stove, south of what they were responsible for I was advised to contact a plumber.

Chris assured me everything was fine and was able to come out in no time. The issue was a relatively easy fix, and he did not tack on extra "this and that" fees. He charged us an honest rate, and we are forever grateful. People in this line of work really have the public at their mercy. It is amazing in this day and age to find someone that will be honest, and to know that you can rely on them is a god send.

A good tailor, roofer, electrician, and you are pretty much set in life. If you go with ATX Plumbing, you will be adding a plumber to that list and your life will be so much easier as a result.

-Corey R., 5 Stars, Round Rock, TX

Rebecca W., 5 Stars

Chris is fantastic! Very courteous and good communication arrives on time, and very reasonable prices!

Mimi L., 5 Stars

I know Chris for almost 5 years. He is amazing! Trying to make it as fast as he can and I trust him so much that I wouldn't be at a house and he would be in to solve an issue. That's how much I trust him. You can definitely count on him for bathroom/kitchen remodeling for small or big issues.

Courtney J., 5 Stars

Chris and ATX plumbing did a wonderful job fixing our water heater. They were quick coming out and such great service. I would recommend them to everyone.

Aimee S., 5 Stars

Chris was responsive, on time, quick and clean. Will definitely call him again if the need arises.
Highly recommend.

Neil K., 5 Stars

Chris is friendly, knowledgeable and honest, and prompt. He's helped with plumbing issues at my home in Lakeway several times, and I'm always exceptionally pleased with his kindness, expertise, and service. He's transparent about pricing, and he does great work. I will continue to use and recommend ATX Plumbing.

April K., 5 Stars

Chris is a fantastic plumber. He is professional, polite, and does a great job communicating. I highly recommend using ATX Plumbing.

Heather S., 5 Stars

ATX was a life saver! Super quick, identified the problem and it fixed in no time. Very professional and great customer service. We had a great experience and we highly recommend!

Talisha L., 5 Stars

ATX Plumbing always comes through for me during my plumbing nightmares. Always prompt, thorough, professional, and affordable. I wouldn't call anyone else!

Oscar V., 5 Stars

Great customer service!!! Very knowledgeable!

Alaina F., 5 Stars

I heard great things about ATX Plumbing and now I know why. Super knowledgeable, friendly, dependable and trustworthy. When your water heater goes out it can be really stressful but they made the process easy and I can thank them enough.

Melanie M., 5 Stars

ATX is the best around! Very knowledgeable and honest! Great prices. I called one morning for my toilet over flowing and they were out the same day.

Natalie W., 5 Stars

My realtor recommended Chris at ATX Plumbing when the tank on one of my toilets cracked and leaked all over the floor. Chris was decidedly prompt, professional and friendly, and his prices were more than fair. I *love* that I now have a plumber I feel I can actually *trust*.

Marsha K., 5 Stars

I called Chris Murphy to repair a couple of leaking bathroom faucets. Turns out the valves were corroded so he was not able to fix the leaks. He suggested I contact Kohler and he advised me on what to describe was wrong. Kohler sent me 2 new valves, free of charge. Once I received the new valves, Chris installed them, and fixed the leaking faucets. Thank you, Chris for your excellent service.

Scott P., 5 Stars

Excellent work, on time, professional and did the job right the first time. Highly recommended.

Margaret T., 5 Stars

From the first time I met Chris, which was for a client not myself, he was respectful, helpful and rates are fair. I have used Chris for plumbing in my own home and he always does his best to fit me in when I need him. He is a good plumber and a good guy